Hosting an event should be fun.

It should be easy.

It should feel great. 


Since 1989, this is the gift we’ve presented to every single one of our clients: a sense of peace and calm that sets the tone for success.

At Versatile Foods, we function like an exceptionally adept one-stop-shop party planner, where we account and prepare for every detail and nuance. There is nothing we haven’t fielded, no challenge we haven’t solved and no Plan B that we don’t have ready—eliminating stress, worry and anxiety from the get-go.

And we do it all with a straightforward style that our clients appreciate. We don’t push stacks of paperwork, long estimates or pretentious names. Instead, we deliver delicious, simple presentations with respect and honesty, just like family.

So please give us the honor of supporting your next culinary adventure. We guarantee that the entire experience (and the food!) will be utterly delicious.